Mr. Parker Earle, Cobden, 111., says: " It is now definitely decided to hold the eighth meeting of A. H. S. in Riverside, Cal., commencing on Tuesday, February 14, 1888. Full particulars, giving railroad and hotel rates, programme, etc., given on application. Perhaps no point on American soil could have been selected for this meeting which would have offered greater attractions to horticulturists than Riverside in particular, and southern California in. general. Eastern horticulturists should avail themselves of this rare opportunity of visiting California. The excursion in all its features promises to be one of the most pleasant and profitable of anything of its kind known to horticulturists.

"Preliminary to taking this trip it will be necessary for all who go to become members of the society. Two dollars ($2.00) is the fee of membership which should be sent to the Secretary. This will secure all the privileges of the excursion, and a copy, free by mail, of the proceedings of the meeting when published. As a further and special inducement, each new member will be furnished, free, a copy of Volume II of the society's transactions, so long as the limited edition lasts".