We have before noted that the European method of growing everything for cut flowers in pots, seems odd to American flower growers. They, on their part, seem surprised at the ease with which we grow them. A correspondent of the Gardening World says:

"I may as well mention here that the florists in America plant out their Roses, Carnations, etc , and It is certainly marvellous how well they do, for finer crops and grander flowers I never saw. Another plant that is extensively grown, and for which there is a very great demand, is Mjrsiphyllum asparagoides (Smilax). This they plant out, and it is a common thing to see houses devoted exclusively to its cultivation. I have seen houses of it with hundreds of sprays trained up string 6 feet high. They grow it in this way, and sell it so much a string; and it is invaluable to the bouquetist. It stands well, and should be tried here in this country, but I have never seen it attempted".