Beauty Of Glazewood Rose

This rose, being a sport, does not always retain its true character, but when it is in its own dress is handsome enough. Arthur Robinson in Revue de 1' Horticulture Beige for July, has a strong article in its praise. He regards it as one of the very best climbing roses outside of the perpetual blooming class.

Puritan Rose

Mr. Wm, Paul explains that the French are in error in attributing the naming of this rose to the celebrated yacht of that name, but like that yacht, had its name suggested by the "Puritan fathers of American history".

The American Apple Crop

These are more abundant in the east than usual, though poor in the west, and prices are on the whole fair. It is found by experience that it does not pay to keep orchards of apple trees after they once begin to pass their prime. Those make the most money who have young orchards continually coming on.

The Original Bartlett Pear Tree

This tree of the Williams Bon Chretien, distributed by Mr. Bartlett from a tree on his grounds that had been imported but had lost its name, is still growing at Roxbury. The grounds now belong to a religious organization known as the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Le Conte Pear

This is not advocated in Florida as equal in eating qualities to the best of the common pears, but they cannot get good pears of the old kind to grow well in Florida. But they are fair eating, for all, when wrapped in paper and put in a close place. They make admirable preserves, and perry from it is better than cider. The public has taken hold of it. Everybody buys it, and it is considered a remunerative kind to grow.

Peaches Grafted On The White Thorn

It will not be at all wonderful should that be proved which is now only probable, that the peach and the plum will hybridize. Mr. Ed. Lefort, Secretary of the Horticultural Society of Meaux, has seen peaches grafted on the English Hawthorn. He says the trees are remarkably vigorous, and produce annually abundant crops.

A Good Peach Year In The East

It is said that the peaches exhibited before the Massachusetts Horticultural Society this year, have been better than for many years.

Local Peaches

Local varieties are getting into such prominence as to very much worry those who grow trees to supply the whole Union. In a long list which we recently saw of popular peaches in Florida, all were wholly unknown to nurseries generally. It is more or less so all over the country.

Foster Peaches - raised at San Bernardino, California, last autumn, measured 13 to 14 inches round, and three weighed a pound and three-quarters.