The subject was again earnestly discussed at the meeting of the Columbus, O., Horticultural Society, October 26th. A number of growers furnished the actual experience that the bees eat the fruit. Entomologists, as usual, contending that if they did eat the berries, it must have been some other insect that first cracked the skin for them. All this may be true. The grape grower desires to protect his fruit from being devoured. What assists the bee to devour is of secondary importance.

At the recent meeting of the Michigan Bee-keepers' Association the statement persistently presented by bee-keepers that bees will not eat grapes, is now to be modified to this, that they will not eat "sound" grapes. The whole discussion showed that the bee-keepers were in a quandary how to act so as to protect themselves against law-suits from their injured fruit growing neighbors, and a wholly new position recommended. The point they will now make is, that the neighbors would not have any fruit at all were it not for the visits of bees to fertilize the flowers, and this is to be used as a set-off to the destruction to the "unsound" fruit in the fall.