By Asa Gray. The Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, issued March 4th, gives us notes on a number of North American plants. The pretty Californian genus Eschscholtzia is revised - the E. Californica is confined to the large-flowered perennial form. Dr. Gray enumerates eight other species. A true poppy is described - the first found native on our continent. It is named Papaver Californica. It is related to the poppy of English corn fields, Papaver Rhoeas. Portulacaceous plants undergo revision, especially the Claytonias, to which the Spring Beauty belongs. A number of Malvaceae have been overhauled, and a new genus, Horsfordia, dedicated to the brothers Horsford - one of whom, of the firm of Pringle & Horsford, must be known to many of our readers. It is between Abutilon and Sphas-ralcea. Six new species are described from a collection by Pringle in Chihuahua. Bouvardia gracilis, a white flowered species; Ipomcea Pringlei, a very handsome large purple flowered one, and Pentstemon rotundifolius, a perpetual flowering one, are among them.

The Miscellanea refers to only fifteen species, some wholly new, and others hitherto improperly referred.

It may be inferred from the limited number of new plants in this contribution, that we are nearing the end of new discoveries on the North American continent, which, as it leaves Dr. Gray more free to work towards the completion of his synoptical flora of North America, is surely "a consummation devoutly to be wished".