The Editor is pained to announce at the moment of going to press, the death of the proprietor and publisher of the Gardeners' Monthly, Mr. Charles H. Marot, which occurred on the 21st inst., after a few days' illness, in his 62nd year. At this late period in the month, with the remains of the friend with whom he has been associated for a quarter of a century yet unburied, he can give no expression to the sorrow he feels at his loss. But this hasty paragraph is necessary to explain any delay that may occur in the receipt of papers ordered through club subscriptions. There will be no delay in the prompt appearance of everything, and in the regular attendance to all matters of business as heretofore; but in the confusion necessarily attendant on so unexpected an event, this notice may explain any seeming delay that may possibly, though not probably, occur.

Correspondents will please continue to address Publisher of the Gardeners' Monthly, on matters of business, as heretofore.