If trees, fruits and flowers were in any way a benefit or pleasure to my family and my friends - of any value to my property or my country - I would plant and cultivate them.

If a knowledge of the adaptation of trees and plants to climate and soil, of selecting, planting and cultivating, was essential to success in growing trees and plants, I would obtain that knowledge.

If I were the owner of but a single town lot, however small it might be, I would clear out the castaway fruit cans from the back yard and plant fruit. I would plant trees to make my home attractive and comfortable.

If I wanted to sell or rent my property to the best advantage, I would plant and grow an illustrated advertisement of trees on that property.

If the years of my life had passed three score and ten, and I believed the planting of trees would be of value to following generations, I would fill the measure of my strength and ability in planting them.

Whether in the prime of life or declining years, I would seek those aids to horticultural information that were true and reliable.

I would give more for one line of concentrated truth, from a practical man, on tree culture, than for a whole volume of exaggerated nonsense from the lie-brass of a dishonest and sensational " tree agent".

Prices, quality and risks being equal, whether of the products of the soil, the manufactory, the mercantile interests, or of any honorable profession, industry or enterprise, I would patronize that locality or state in which I was the most interested.

Denver, Colorado.