A correspondent of the Gardeners' Monthly inquires why the curculio has not been introduced into California as well as the colding moth, to which the Editor answers that there is something there unfavorable to its success, without assigning any other reason. It strikes us that the cause of the difference is very obvious in the habits of the two insects. The curculio spreads slowly from orchard to orchard, and there is but once in the year that it can be conveyed in the fruit, and but little in that way, as the infested and spoiled specimens are usually retained at home. It is not carried in boxes, cases and packing. But the codling moth is taken for months in barrels, boxes, and other packages containing fruit, and in the straw and other material used in conveyance; and the insects in cocoons may be thus conveyed thousands of miles without difficulty. Hence the reason that this insect is sent into every quarter of the world." - Country Gentleman.

[Our impression at writing was that the insect had been detected there - but that some unexplained cause prevented its increase. - Ed. G. M].