It is well known to grape growers, especially those who grow grapes under glass, that often there are berries not halt the size of the normal berry, and seedless. Some varieties - as for instance, the grape that produces the currant - rarely, if ever, produce the larger berries with seeds, as in the ordinary raisin making varieties. It is conceded that even these small berries would not be berries at all, unless pollen' had in some way acted on them; but why it should act that far and yet fail to produce seeds, the writer of this could never understand, and nowhere in his reading has he fallen on any explanation.

The January number of the Botanical Gazette, has now the following: "The fact that some ovaries swell and ripen without ripening seed, finds an explanation in the suggestion that the pollen-tube lives as a parasite upon the cells of the style, and so causes an extra flow of nourishment".

We fear this explanation does not make the matter clear enough for many to get the full idea. We think our neighbor would render good service to vegetable physiology by a fuller account of this new suggestion.