Cincinnati, J. N. & C. G. Lloyd. The September number gives an exhaustive account of the Magnolia in the United States. There is a map showing the geographical distribution of the genus. The histories are fully given, the drugs, and the generally useful purposes the trees serve. The frontispiece is of Magnolia macrophylla, - at least given for that, but is evidently M. Fraseri, given by mistake. M. macrophylla is more than double the "natural size" as given here, the petals are rounded, and the auricles to the leaves not long and slender as given here. The Papaw is also illustrated and historied.

This excellent quarterly, published by the Lloyds of Cincinnati, comes to us this time with a study of Lobelia. Everything relating to the genus is fully elaborated, both in its botanical history and medical properties.

Published quarterly by Messrs. Lloyd of Cincinnati. The last part has a figure of Lobelia siphy-litica; Scrophularia nodosa; Laurus or Lindera Benzoin, the Spice Bush; Cercis Canadensis, the Red-bud or Judas tree; and Erecthites hieraciifolia, one of the Fire weeds. The treatment of the subjects not only includes a history of the use of the plants in medicine - but the full botanical characters are developed, and almost everything in the history of the plants treated of.