Mr. Jean Sisley furnishes us with the following memorandum concerning this distinguished rosarian:

"Francois Lacharme was born the 28th of Janu-uary, 1817, at St. Didiersur Charonne-Ain, France; died the 5th of November, 1887, at Lyon, France. His father was an agriculturist and desired his son to follow his profession, but the Roses in his father's garden had at an early age attracted his special attention and at last his father consented to his desire and placed him in 1836 as apprentice at M. Poncet, horticulturist at Lyon.

"In 1839 he went to Paris, with a recommendation of Mr. Plantier, the rosarian, to Mr. Pirolle, the founder of the Bon Jardinier, who obtained a situation for him in a Dutch horticultural establishment at Paris, in the neighborhood of the Palace of the Luxembourg, the gardens of which were then directed by Mr. Hardy the well known amateur of Roses, and where F. Lacharme went very frequently to admire them.

"In 1840 Mr. Plantier wrote to him to offer him his Rose establishment, which he accepted and assisted with his counsels; he began to sow Roses and soon obtained a then very remarkable variety which he named Hybrid Remontant Ernestine de Barante, which he sent out in 1843, and since that time he has not ceased to sow Roses very extensively and has obtained a great number of splendid varieties, which still ornament the collections of amateurs in all countries.

"Francois Lacharme was loved and esteemed by all those who knew him, because he was a very laborious and intelligent man and of the strictest honesty".