Mr. C. B. Paddock says: "To while away hours of illness, I have recently read back volumes of the Monthly, and would like to call to the attention of Gen. W. H. Noble, first, his article on page 355, December number, 1878, in which he speaks of the discouraging length of time he had to wait for the first bloom of his seedling Cydonia Japonicas. Now, if he is inclined to try again, turn to page 297, October number, 1882, and note the hedge of same only four years old, not merely having bloomed, but bearing fruit of more than twenty estimated bushels on the above mentioned hedge, 1 50 feet in length; and may we not look for great possibilities in the fruit as well as in the bloom of which the writer of the last mentioned calls attention to, regarding its great variation from the parent in color and tint.

" There are other matters I should like to speak of. One cannot realize how especially of interest the Gardeners' Monthly is till one tries it, to read over again the volumes of years agone, and compare past thoughts and ideas with those current to-day".