The last of the spring meetings was held on the 9th of June. The hall was crowded by visitors among whom were many of the leading citizens of Germantown.

One of the most notable of the plants exhibited was a Begonia alba, that had been grafted on a Begonia rubra. It was exhibited by Mr. James Barrows. It was a cone-shaped specimen, about three feet by one and a half at the base, and was covered with flowers from bottom to top. Its floriferousness was attributed to being grafted on that stock.

Another plant very much admired was a plant of Polygala grandiflora, exhibited by Mrs. Thomas Meehan. which though a native of the Cape of Good Hope, the lady finds makes an excellent tub-plant for the lawn during our American summers. It was in a square, green painted tub about a foot over, had a straight stem about one foot high, and on this a head of about three feet over, having hundreds of its bright purple butterfly-like blossoms which are produced successively from May to September. The plant is kept in winter with the oranges and oleanders.

State Botanist, Prof. Thomas Meehan, gave his usual address on subjects suggested by the objects on exhibition. The strawberry, cactuses, purple-leaved plants and vegetable parasites, formed the chief themes on this occasion.