The March meeting of this local Society was particularly interesting from the numerous orchids and rare plants on exhibition, one of which Ruellia macrantha, shown by Mr. James Barrows, was particularly attractive. The natural order Acanthaceae furnishes a large list of beautiful winter blooming plants - but few are more charming than this. The numerous large, rosy flowers give the impression of a shrubby gloxinia. Mr. Thomas Meehan gave his usual off-hand address on the peculiarities of the plants, fruits and flowers on exhibition, and the practical lessons derived from them. The hall was crowded with visitors, among whom were numbers of the leading ladies and gentlemen of Germantown, and, as the managers say, "there was standing room only" for those who came late. Benjamin H. Shoemaker,. Esq., President, presided, to whom much credit is due for the prosperous career of the Society. To the able financial management of Mr. Joseph Meehan, the Treasurer, credit is also due. When he took hold the Society was in debt, and the whole of one year's premiums to the exhibitors had to be given up to keep it from utter bankruptcy.

Now the much larger list of premiums are promptly paid, and the Society has a large sum to its credit as a contingent fund.