"Physician" inquires if any one knows what is the botanical name of a plant, said to be known as Hyacinth Bean. It is desirable to know on account of a case of poisoning. We do not know of the plant by this name. It seems allied to Phaseolus lunatus.

In the January number of the Gardeners' Monthly, page 30, I find under " Scraps and Queries " that " Physician " wants to know the botanical name of this plant, on account of a case of poisoning. It is Dolichos Lablab with us in Texas, being planted by colored people to adorn porches and verandas, and sometimes by whites. It is, however, not poisonous, for the writer of this has frequently eaten, when wandering in the mountains, where some people cultivate it for that purpose, a mess of this very same Hyacinth bean, the young pods being prepared like snap beans, of which the taste is very much alike.

A New Jersey correspondent confirms the identification with Dolichos Lablab, and notes that he does not find Dolichos in Gray's works. This species will not be found there, as it is a native of the West Indies, and not of any part covered by Gray's Floras.