Mr. Green observes: "Your say our correspondent wants the exact meaning of imperfect fertilization. The honest answer is, ' we don't know.' The truth is that with the experienced and learned 'what we do not know' will outbalance what we do know, regarding plant growth and plant instinct. Mr. T. V. Munson holds that the pollen of the grape is attracted to adjacent blossoms by some unknown attraction. It must be likewise with other blossoms, for while the Crescent strawberry yields no fruit grown by itself under glass, it bears a partial crop, planted in fields a long distance from any other variety. Whether it is desirable for fruit growers to keep bees for fertilizing flowers has not been discussed to my knowledge, but it would appear to be desirable. During rainy seasons it is not possible for an ordinary supply of bees to visit each blossom. True, it is not required in all cases, but probably in more cases than is generally supposed".