Improvement In The China Aster

The Germans, who have done so much to improve these flowers, that they have come to be better known as German Asters than under their own name, continue their useful work in that line. Every year brings us some successful effort in wholly new lines. A few years ago, we had a race of floriferous dwarfs introduced It is being continually re-inforced by additional forms, among which is the Triumph Aster, of which we have the following description from Haage & Schmidt:

Comet Aster, Deep Rose

Pure deep rose flowered variety of the new tribe introduced by us last season, with very large and extremely double flowers similar in shape to the Japanese Chrysanthemum".

Comet Aster.

Comet Aster.

Rose, Crown Princess Victoria

This is a strong growing, yellowish white Bourbon rose, that is attracting a great deal of attention in Germany.

Zebra Zinnias

A strain of Zinnias with striped florets, was exhibited by Mr. L. W. Goodell, at the meeting on September 3d, of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.


The named varieties of Daffodils now exceed 500 in some famous European catalogues. They are divided into separate classes like Chrysanthemums, Tulips, or other florists' flowers.

Carnation, Souvenir De Malmaison

For ten or a dozen years past this has continued to be the leading variety grown by leading European florists. It is a very large flesh color, but not near floriferous enough to satisfy American profits.


Thirty-four inches from tip to tip is the size of some prize flowers at an English show.

California Cut Flowers

Whether flowers can be successfully shipped east or not may be a question, but it is evident the Pacific men have faith in it. The Southern California Floral Company, with a capital of $100,000, has just been incorporated. Mr. Emory C. Smith is General Manager.


We have seen the present season the various kinds of Achimenes employed in boxes for window gardening and in vases, and they thrive admirably except in a very hot and sunny place. They should be more generally used.

Geraniums At The Massachusetts Horticultural Society

This society is very well patronized by contributors. At the meeting of Sept. 10th there were no less than thirty-eight entries for competition in Geraniums alone. This was in response to a premium offered to children and young people for specimens of window culture.