The Societe L'Horticulture Internationale of Ghent, Belgium, has succeeded the famous Compagnie Continentale d'Horticulture, and propose to continue to send out to foreign countries collectors for new and beautiful plants, especially orchids, for which the old company was so famous. Messrs. J. and Lucius Linden, of Ghent, are the managers of the new company.

The magnificent work on orchids, known as "Lindenia," is to be continued. The first part of the second volume has already appeared, and contains Epidendrum atropurpureum Randii, Cypripedium Macrochilum, Stanhopea tigrinum, and Phalaenopsis Sumatrana. These beautiful colored plates are on folio sheets and are magnificent works of art. The histories and descriptions are in French.

We are often asked for some work on orchids suitable for ladies to make copy paintings from. Such a work as "Lindenia" is just what is needed for this.