Mr. James Powell, of the old-time florists of Philadelphia, died at New Centre-ville, near Philadelphia, on the 17th of April, in his 73rd year. Mr. P. was a highly educated gardener, a native of England, and was invited to settle in this country some fifty years ago, by the late Robert Buist, with whom he lived as foreman until starting business for himself. He was the brother of Mr. Powell, who, for so many years was superintendent of the fruit department in the gardens of Queen Victoria at Frogmore.

Mr. P. was quite successful in his earlier, and we may say, continuous efforts to establish himself, but on several occasions his generous good nature led him to endorse for friends, with the too common result of paying the debts himself, so that after each successful effort he would find himself finally about where he commenced. By these misfortunes he never achieved that eminence which his intelligence and worth deserved. Somewhat in retirement of late years, the younger race knew little of him, while so many of those to whom he was endeared in the past have passed away.