"C. J. T.," Flora Dale, Pa., writes: "I am very much obliged for the information concerning the Couch grass I sent you. Will follow your directions where we can do so. There is a large amount of it in our grass fields that cannot be attended to until those fields come round again. We have one field in corn three years in succession, and have been cultivating and hoeing it thoroughly, but it still grows. Every broken joint seems to take root and grow off luxuriantly. I had about come to the conclusion that it delighted in cultivation; but maybe we did not do it right".

[Undoubtedly you did not do it right. We print this letter in order to emphasize the point made, that the plants must be hoed out and cultivated while the leaves are immature - when the green is barely visible. Indeed, it must not be permitted to make perfect leaves. It is the easiest thing to destroy any plant, weed or otherwise, if " done right." - Ed. G. M].