Ladies In The American Philosophical Society

This learned society has at length followed in the wake of similar institutions, and has elected a lady to full membership in the society. On the 20th of May Miss Helen C. de Silver Abbott was duly elected. It would have been too bad for a society founded by Benjamin Franklin to have held back in this line of progress.

Miss Abbott, by virtue of her eminence in botanical chemistry, gives quite as much honor to the society which elects her as the society confers by its action.

New York Florists' Club

New York florists have followed the example of their Philadelphia and Chicago brethren, and have founded a social club. John May has been elected President, C. L. Allen, Secretary, and Peter Henderson, Treasurer.

Middlemen Among Florists

A large number of the English growers, becoming dissatisfied with the plan of sending to Covent Garden commission men, who they thought had too many losses of flowers, and too large commission on what they did sell, started the plan last year to employ a person to make their own sales by auction on the morning of each day. The experiment of the season resulted in showing that they got only about one-half of what they would have done had they continued the old plan of commission men.

Charles A. Keffer

This gentleman, formerly of the nursery firm of Lawrence & Keffer, of Lemars, Iowa, has been elected Professor of Horticulture in Dakota Agricultural College.

Mr. Fell

This gentleman, who has been travelling in this country in the interest of Mr. Ware, of Tottenham, England, has returned after a journey of a month. He is a very intelligent gentleman, and made many friends during his visit.

Dr. D. W. Beadle

This esteemed horticulturist, who has done so much for pomology all over the country as well as Canada, retired from the editorship of the Canadian Horticulturist at the beginning of the year. Mr. C. Woolverton, Grimsby, Ontario, now is the editor.

John Thorp

The well known New York florist has secured fourteen acres at Cedarhurst, and will put up sixteen large greenhouses at once thereon.

Queen Natalie

The Queen or ex-Queen of Servia, is said to be a great lover of gardening. She is a Russian by birth, and most of the educated ladies of that country have a fondness for gardening.

Dr. Ezra Michener

Among the deaths recently announced is this famous botanist of Chester county, Pennsylvania. He was one of the contemporaries of the celebrated Dr. Darlington, who, in his "Flora Cestrica" refers often to his labors. He was also well known as the author of a "Manual of Weeds," and has been an occasional contributor to our pages.