Late Season In France

As in this part of the world, the season was late in France. In Paris, where the lilacs are wholly in bloom on the 15th of April, they were wholly dormant at that date.

Disease In Caladiums

A fungus closely allied to the one that causes so much trouble to the potato, has attacked the Caladium. It is very bad on the C. esculentum which is much used for food in the West Indies and elsewhere.

Fringed Dahlias

In Germany, they now have Dahlias which have the petals fringed instead of being cupped and entire. They are said to be very pretty, and likely to be popular.

Narcissus, Rip Van Winkle

A double variety of this is said to be the most remarkable of the whole family. The flower is greenish-yellow, and the whole mass of sepals very finely divided.

An Early Snowdrop

It is said that there is a variety of Snowdrop in English gardens much earlier than the other; that when growing side by side, one may flower several weeks earlier in some seasons. It is worthy of note, however, that the difference between the time of early-blooming plants is not every year the same.

Noisette Rose, Princesse Marie De Lusig-Nan

M. Cochet declares, in the Journal des Roses, that this is the most beautiful Noisette ever raised. It is a seedling raised by M. Perny, a musical composer and rose amateur. The flowers are pale yellow, of splendid form and exquisite perfume - the last a rare quality in Noisettes.

New Classes Of Roses

It is remarkable that so little has been done towards improving the wild roses of Europe and America. The garden roses are mostly of Asiatic species. Years ago, a beginning was made with the Prairie rose, but that effort died out. Our many species of rose have a delightful fragrance, are hardy, and have many other good characters to recommend them to improvers.

Rose, Archiduchesse Maria. Immaculata

The Journal des Roses, with a colored plate, highly praises this seedling of Soupert & Notting, which they raised by Tea Rose Madame Lambert, with Tea Socrates. The color is a bright brick red.


Almost all the popular spring flowers are members of old families. Snowdrops, crocus, tulips and so forth. There have been few additions to the old lists. In Europe, however, the Chionodoxa, or "Snow-glory," seems to have come to stay. Some of the dealers offer the roots by the ten or twenty thousand.

Long Clusters Of Wistaria

The statement made in some catalogues that the racemes of Wistaria, will often reach 3 feet in length in China, has been doubted. In a recent conversation with the representative of the Minister of Agriculture of Japan, Mr. Hida, the Editor was assured that they certainly often reach that length. On the Editor's grounds the longest this year measured thirteen inches.