The Legislatures of the several States, and the United States Congress, are continually enacting laws which do little more good than to pay useless Commissioners, who waste more money on ignorant reports. The true line for encouragement is to make it to the profit of owners of land to plant trees. Profits are too far off, and the risk of loss too great, in most instances. In France, taxes are in part remitted on those who plant trees, so that they simply lie out of capital and labor. The land, not eaten up by taxation, increases in value, while the trees are growing. This remission is for thirty years, the time it takes a well managed forest to come into profit. If there is a loss by storms or extra severity of heat or drouth, a further remission is made. In our country we should have to include some remuneration by loss from fire.

It is in some such direction, American legislation should be turned. We must stimulate self-interest in forestry, and insure the planters against loss.