I cannot understand how a man like C. M. Hovey can say, "A layer of 6 inches of well-rotted cow manure, placed 5 or 6 inches below the bulbs, is the best fertilizer I have tried for lilies." The fact is, that most of the lilies abhor manure, and will die at the touch of it - that is, they rot. The Speciosums, especially, detest it. The lilies need one of two things - either simply good garden soil, or a mixture of rich soil with sand and swamp earth. Our native lilies all prefer moist swamp soil, but they do superbly well in any good flower lawn when manure is kept away from them. Can-didum requires ordinary soil, and prefers loose clay that is well worked; and no manure. Aura-tum will endure careful stimulating. My rule is, feed up your roses, but let your lilies diet on nature's provisions. Of course I do not mean, neglect them. Clinton, N. Y.