In our last we noted the interesting discovery of recent times, that varieties perpetuate themselves just as exactly as recognized species; and, in view of the numerous experiences of florists in this particular, it was strange men of science were so far behind with a contrary view. We again illustrate this point by a new class of Dwarf Lupinus, a beautiful variety of which we append a cut, is being introduced by Haage & Schmidt. The whole family of Lupines is a very beautiful one. In the Eastern United States we have few species, but in the West, commencing from the Rocky Mountain region, they form no mean element among the wild flowers that give so much beauty to that charming part of our territory.

Lupinus albo coccineus nanus.

Lupinus albo-coccineus nanus.

This particular variety forms a close compact bush about one foot high, and has a pretty mixture of white, red and purple flowers. As it is an annual, flowering a few weeks after sowing, and thriving well in American flower garden will no doubt achieve a wide popularity.