The following reminiscences are by Mr. J. F. Clark:

" In the last issue of the Gardeners' Monthly I notice with regret the death of Mr. Halliday Jackson, of Chester county, Pa. In 1874, while then living near West Chester, I was making up a collection of native ferns, to be exhibited in pots at that county fall exhibition.

" Being anxious to have them all correctly named, I was obliged to call on Mr. Jackson to help me out, which he did with pleasure. Although it was quite late in the evening when I arrived at Mr. Jackson's house, he seemed to take great pleasure in showing me volume after volume of his, magnificent collection of ferns from all parts of the globe. Mr. Jackson was also kind enough to present me with a specimen from the South, Pteris aquilina var. caudata, which I shall always preserve in grateful remembrance of that venerable botanist and gentleman. Mr. Jackson was then working on the lower orders of Crypto-gamia".