Nearly every catalogue that comes to hand, or serial of any kind published, has a sketch or description of some new fruit or other, until the whole science of pomology approaches unutterable confusion. It is time, we think, that some standard should be raised, to which all new claimants should be compelled to conform, and the American Pomological Society could do no better service than attempt something of the kind. Florists have to do it. They establish a standard of excellence, and all the claimants that fall short are rapidly dropped. The efforts referred to by Mr. Veitch, in regard to the chrysanthemum, should be carried into fruits as well.

Scarcely a season passes without a sort of exciting anticipation over the trials with new fruits. But the past spring there has been little of it. The season is passing and no fog horns are blowing, and the old regular line vessels seem to have clear sailing before them. Has the public became satiated? or simply confused with the immense number which have been in the past presented as the most wonderful discovery ever made? We hope, however, the reaction will not push us to the opposite extreme. There is generally a steady advance, and we hope our friends will keep us posted, if a really good fruit appears among the host of novelties offered from time to time.