The fall exhibition will take place on Nov. 8th.

The articles on the schedule, for which competition is invited, include Chrysanthemums, Orchids, Ferns and foliage plants, cut flowers with Chrysanthemum excluded, cut Roses and the usual run of designs.

We have an impression that this is the oldest of these very useful State societies, as it certainly is one of the most useful and well-attended. This is its 32nd annual meeting, and will be held this year at Rochester, on the 26th of January. There are to be a number of interesting papers read. Professor Goff will talk on the newly discovered Potato sketches, which are said to be fully equal to charcoal sketches or sketches in chalk. For the benefit of market fruit growers, J. J. Thomas will discourse on the future of the business. Mr. Chas. A. Green, of the Fruit Grower, and Prof. Sturtevant will tell of what is new in small fruit culture; and Mr. Butler, Editor of the Vineyardist, of the grape. Flower-lovers will have an essay on the Rose, by Mr. D. M. Dunning, the well known rose lover of Auburn, whose love for the plant has, no doubt, extracted from the Queen of flowers secrets that she does not tell to all. The important subject of Aphis on the Cherry will have consideration from Mr. Charles Little.

The April meeting will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th. There is a wide list of exhibits called for, though roses and orchids have the posts of honor. Mr. John Thorpe, of Queens, Long Island, is Secretary, from whom further information may be obtained.