At the residence of Mr. John Wanamaker, at Jenkintown, Pa., there is quite an extensive range of greenhouses. The whole place is under the management of Mr. Alexander Young, a gardener well known about Philadelphia for his love of plants. Passing through the place recently, under his guidance, afforded a rich treat, everything being in first-class condition, and evident care being taken to have everything orderly, and arranged with an eye to neatness. There is a house or two devoted to the production of flowering plants, to be used temporarily in Mr. Wana-maker's city residence; others for the production of cut-flowers for the same purpose. There is also a house devoted entirely to orchids, rare foliage plants, ferns and similar nice things; and in this house it seemed that Mr. Young was very much at home. Among other interesting things was a group of Nepenthes, in which were the following beautiful sorts: Intermedia, Mastersiana, Rafflesiana, Morganiana, Hookeriana, Chelsoni and Hookeriana elongata.

Evening approached before the half of the nice things could be noticed, but a note was made of the following - a few only of what are there: Pritchardia grandis, Areca nobilis, Angraecum eburneum supurbum, An-thurium crystalinum, Dracaena umbraculifera, Croton Andraeanum, Ceroxylon niveum, Latania rubra, Pritchardia aurea, Sphaerogyne latifolia, and some extremely well-grown plants of the old, but most useful orchid - Bletia maculata, or Phajus maculatus as it is properly called now.a.days - which were in full flower. Philadelphia, Pa.