We do not know whether the Fire Blight, as it is called, in the pear, exists in California, but the following by the Rev. M. Ongerth, of Alameda, looks much like it, and has a much more expressive name. But he is referring to apricots and apples:

" In the morning the trees appeared to be in full health; shortly after 10 o'clock the stems of the leaves suddenly became weak and every leaf without exception hung lifeless on the tree. In the afternoon the fruit and the bark began to shrink, and in 48 hours all leaves and young shoots were entirely withered and the fruit shrunk and nearly dried up. I tested two trees with the knife, and found that paralysis and death had taken place from the grafting point upward, whereas, the part below the graft, that is, the trunk, neck of the root, and all roots, had remained intact and perfectly sound. I understand that similar cases have occurred in California; I therefore state the method to prevent the same".