At the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society the following officers were elected: President, J. E. Mitchell; Vice-Presidents, Caleb Cope, Isaac C. Price, Geo. W. Earl, Robert Craig; Corresponding Secretary, Thomas Meehan; Recording Secretary, Edwin Lonsdale; Treasurer, W. F. Dreer; Prof. Botany, Dr. Charles Schaffer; Prof. Horticultural Chemistry, James C. Booth; Prof, of Entomoloy, S. S. Rathvon.

Mr. Lonsdale, the successor of the late Secretary Harrison, was elected by the large vote of 86 out of 97 cast. He was also recently elected Secretary of the American Society of American Florists - all the other nominees withdrawing in his favor.

Mr. Lonsdale is an educated gardener, having had the advantage of regular tuition under Stephen Taplin, who had charge of the celebrated gardens of the Earl of Stamford at Enville Park, Staffordshire. In 1879 he came to America, and soon after was recommended by Mr. James Taplin to Mr. Meehan, of Germantown, as foreman of the greenhouses, in which capacity he was engaged acceptably for several years, then returning to England to close out some business affairs. Returning on a re-engagement, he had charge with Mr. Meehan several years, till a desire overcame him to try his fortune in the Golden State. An opportunity occurring to buy out a florist's establishment in Germantown, led him to leave the Pacific. In 1880, in connection with his brother-in-law, the firm of Lonsdale & Burton was founded at Wyndmoor, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, a florist's establishment which has taken a leading part in the Philadelphia business, besides obtaining in some particulars, and in rose growing especially, a national reputation.

Outside of the membership of the society, and wherever the intelligence and excellent personal qualities of Mr. Lonsdale are known, he receives many congratulations on his succession to this responsible office in this time-honored society.