It may serve as a guide to those at a distance, who wish to grow for the Philadelphia market, to note the prices which fruits and vegetables brought at retail the first week in April: cucumbers, 15 to 20 cents; egg plants, 40 to 50 cents; Southern spinach, 30 cents half-peck; kale, 20 cents half-peck; lettuce, 5 to 12 cents each; water cress, 5 cents a bunch; Southern potatoes, 30 to 40 cents; celery about 35 cents each; cabbage, from 15 to 35 cents; imported German, 13 to 35 cents; radish, 5 cents a bunch; tomatoes, 50 to 60 cents a quart; onions, 15 cents a quart; rhubarb, 25 cents per three bunches; asparagus, 85 cents to $1 a bunch.