"Homer:" There are strawberries without stamens; of which the Crescent is a modern example. They will not bear strawberries, unless pollen from other kinds that have stamens reach them. This is probably why yours are barren. These sexual characters are not absolute, as sometimes a variety that has no stamens will develop them; but the characters are permanent enough to make a practical distinction. The Hermaphrodite strawberries are those which have stamens and pistils in the same flowers. They are always reliable for a crop. Once in a while a Hermaphrodite will abort their pistils, producing only stamens. This occasionally happens to the Albany seedling, and your barren plants may be a case of this kind. You will learn much by a careful study of the flowers in the different kinds of strawberries. Take a pocket lens with you when you go to your garden. A fruit-grower should never be without a lens.