Some people are continually asking, what is the use of knowledge? Cannot we raise beans and potatoes as well by doing as we have seen others do, as by stuffing our brains by knowing this thing and learning the other? It is difficult to answer these questions, because there are thousands of human beings on whom any knowledge, no matter how small, is ab solutely thrown away. But we were reminded of the question by reading a paper by Prof. Byron D. Halsted on the Germination of Cucurbitaceous Plants. We believe he has given before a similar paper on Beans. The man who knows and doesn't need to learn more, puts his seeds of lima beans, squashes, etc., into the ground edgewise. Prof. Halsted, by that careful experiment and observation that is known as science, shows that this is a bad practice. The seeds should be laid flat on their sides; and yet there will still be some to ask of what use is science to the practical man?