Professor J. G. Lemmon

Mr. and Mrs. Lemmon, the arduous botanical collectors of the Pacific Slope, are summering in the rich but dry region of San Luis, Obispo county, California. They will return to Oakland, near San Francisco, about October, no doubt laden with rare botanical treasures.

Our Government Entomologist

Prof. C. V. Riley, has again started for Europe.

John M. Smith

When a younger man, this gentleman contributed some of the most valuable articles that have appeared in our pages. Though in his sixty-eighth year, he is still hale and hearty, and doing good public-spirited work as President of the Wisconsin Horticultural Society. He is a New Jerseyman by birth, moving into Green Bay a year or two before the Gardeners' Monthly was born.

John B. Moore

Grape and rose growers everywhere are familiar with the name of this gentleman. His death on the 22d inst. is announced, at the age of 70 years. The estimation in which his devotion to horticulture was held is attested by the fact that he has been president of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. He has long been a member of the State Board of Agriculture. For the long period of twenty years he was Deputy Sheriff of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Erwin F. Smith

Mr. Smith has a well-earned reputation for a scientific knowledge of plant diseases, and of the lower forms of plant life. He has been appointed by the Department of Agriculture as a special agent to investigate the disease, known as yellows, in the peach.

Professor J. T. Rothrock

Professor Roth-rock, the well known explorer and botanist, on account of whose seriously bad health the University of Pennsylvania gave a year of absence, has returned home in improved condition, and will resume his labors in science teaching the coming term.

L. G. Bragg & Co., Kalamazoo, Michigan

These nurseries were started in 1857, and have grown till they embrace now 250 acres. Their chief line is in fruits, though ornamentals are growing on apace with them. They do a heavy business by agents.

Miller & Yates

This firm of nurserymen and landscape gardeners, of Mount Airy, Philadelphia, has been dissolved. Mr. Charles H. Miller, who has attended to landscape gardening heretofore, continues the profession in his own behalf. Mr. Yates continues the nursery business.

Miller & Hunt

The well-known firm of Miller & Hunt, florists of Chicago, have dissolved. Mr. Miller retains the old business.