England and her Colonies in sympathy with her policy profess to be opposed to protection and favor free trade as a general principle - yet once in a while "tax the community," to help some struggling interest or another, which is protection of the best kind. For instance, the Government of Canada, has spent money in collecting and sending its fruits to the Colonial exhibition in London. The following from the Gardeners' Chronicle of October 23d, shows how well these fruits were received. The money spent by the Government in this kind of protection, will revert immeasurably to the interests of the Dominion.

"One of the most comprehensive displays of Canadian fruit ever made in Europe is now on view in the conservatory of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition. Contributions are made from every province of Canada, from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to Quebec and Ontario, and even from Manitoba and British Columbia, the greater part of the exhibits having been collected, under the direction of the Canadian Government, by Professor William Saunders, of the Western University, London, Ontario, who has long taken a keen interest in Canadian fruit culture. From Ontario and Quebec excellent specimens are shown of the varieties of apples mostly shipped to British markets, and the body, texture, and flavor of these must command general admiration. The pears are noteworthy for size and color; while an excellent display of vegetables, and even Canadian out-door grapes, is made. The Nova Scotia display comprises some fifty varieties. The British Columbia and Manitoba varieties are also interesting, as coming from parts of the Dominion but little known in England for their fruit-growing capabilities.

It is, moreover, important to note that the shipment of many of the early soft varieties of fruits now shown was made from Canada in refrigerators, and the perfect condition in which they arrived is considered to fully establish the value of this means of transit".