I notice in January issue that Dr. Frank Jones considers a strong solution of bi-carbonate of soda the most efficient application for the cure of Rhus poisoning.

Nearly twenty years ago I was first poisoned while botanizing, and have been poisoned every year since, from one to four or more times. Of course were I to cease roaming around and remain at home I would escape, but I don't.

I have tried the above named remedy and numerous others, and now use exclusively a strong (saturated) solution of alum, which relieves me quicker than any other application ever did. I would remark that, as is well known, the Rhus affects different persons in different degrees, and some not at all; and I have thought it may also affect them in a different manner, as I have known several persons, one of whom would experience greater relief than another while using a similar remedy. Therefore all may not be so readily relieved by the application of the alum solution as myself and others to whom I have recommended it; but to all whom the soda bi-carbonate does not cure, I would say, try the alum solution.

Falls Church, Va.