Distant readers often get the wholesale prices of fruits and vegetables, but it may be of use to have the retail prices at different dates. On the last day of May peas raised near Philadelphia brought 25 cents the half peck; asparagus, 20 cents a bunch; cauliflower (from frames), 15 to 25 cents per head; beets, 15 to 20 cents a bunch. From more Southern regions, string beans 70 cents half peck; onions, 15 cents a quart; cabbage, 8 to 15 cents a head; squashes, 10 to 15 cents each; tomatoes, 20 cents a quart; cucumbers, 10 cents each; potatoes, 25 cents a quart; strawberries were 25 cents a quart, and Florida peaches, small things, 30 cents a quart.