This Rose, we believe, has not had much notice in our pages; but it seems to be working its way into public favor. A correspondent of the American Florist says of it:

"I went yesterday to Mr. John Henderson's place at Flushing, L. I., to see the Papa Gontier Rose; had heard several good reports of it, but found on examination that none of them did it justice. As a cut flower for the American market it combines all the good qualities; it is free blooming, fragrant, and of clean vigorous growth; the color is brilliant and rich, and each bud has the now necessary appendage of a long stem, clothed with handsome foliage. When this rose was sent out by Nabonnaud, four or five years ago, several of our rose-growers tried a few of it, but from carelessness or a want of discernment none of them discovered its merits".