This is the name of the plant referred to in the following from Mrs. Mary Ann F., West Phila.: "Will you kindly state the class, also its English name, to which the enclosed specimen belongs? The stalk is a straight, stiff one, the flowers come in clusters of 8 and 10 bunches on the very tip. We have a buttonwood geranium, and at first supposed it of that class. The leaf enclosed is the largest one on stalk. The stalk is about 10 inches high".

[This is a very pretty old-fashioned flower, an excellent window plant, with the name at the head of the paragraph. It has no English name that we know of. It belongs to the same family as a common English weed known as groundsel, - -pronounced "grunsle" - and if you prefer an English name, it might be called Cineraria groundsel. And now, pray, what is " buttonwood geranium?" - Ed. G. M].