One can scarcely appreciate the great difference between the plants that do the best service in Southern gardening, as against those that are common in the north, until they have read carefully the catalogue of some first-class firm like the one issued by P. J. Berkmans, of Augusta, Georgia, now before us. This is the twenty-first annual edition and shows a commend able growth, indicative of great business success. The following is a list of broadleaved evergreens - none except the box would be considered hardy in Philadelphia: Ardisia, Aucuba, Buxus (tree box in variety); Cerasus Lauro-cerasus (English Laurel), Colchicum and Caucasian Laurels, Cleyera Japonica, Eriobotrya, Escallonia, Euonymus, Gardenia (Cape Jasmine, four varieties); Illicium, Laurus Nobilis, Nerium, Tea, Olive, Magnolia fuscata or Banana Shrub, Photinia, Pittosporum, Viburnum.