The 29th Annual Meeting of this Society will be held at Lebanon, Pa., on Wednesday and Thursday, January 18th and 19th, 1888. Arrangements will be made for special rates at the hotels, and excursion tickets will be issued by the Cornwall and Lebanon, Philadelphia and Reading, and Penn'a Railroads; good from Tuesday, January 17th, to Saturday 21st, both inclusive. Persons coming by Penn'a R. R. will reach Lebanon via Conewago, at which point connection is made with the Cornwall & Lebanon R. R. Those purchasing tickets to Conewago only, can procure excursion tickets at that point to Lebanon and return, upon application to the ticket agent at that place. On the Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia and Reading Railroads, tickets can be obtained only upon presentation of card orders which will be mailed upon application to the undersigned. In sending for orders please name route you propose to take. We anticipate a full and interesting meeting. State Botanist Thomas Meehan hopes to be present on this occasion. All are cordially invited. Program will be issued later.

E. B. Engle, Secretary, Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pa.

The annual meeting of the Pennsylvania State Association will be held at Bethlehem, Pa., January 19th and 20th, 1887. The usual excursion rates will be granted by the Philadelphia and Reading, and Pennsylvania Railroads, and further particulars will be furnished upon application to E. B. Engle, Secretary, Waynesboro, Pa.

These meetings are always interesting and attended by some of the most intelligent horticulturists in the State. In the history of the society two meetings have already been held at Bethel-hem, and both were among the most profitable and pleasant ever held.