Strawberries With Five Leaves

As is well known the strawberry has trifoliate leaves. Occasionally in the Old World, varieties have appeared with five leaves. Some Potentillas and other Rosaceous genera have five leaflets in a leaf; and the occasional five-leaved strawberries show how nature has no exact line drawn between any of her works.

The Origin Of The Auricula

Prof. Kerner believes that a supposed species of the Alps, Primula pubescens, is itself a natural hybrid between Primula superauricula and P. hirsuta, and that it is not only not sterile, but the parent of the beautiful tribe of florists' flowers, known as the Auricula.


I plucked the weeds forth, left and right,

To make an open space About a wind-sown blossom bright,

With uplift wondering face.

" Why sparest me, and them dost slay? " The darling blossom sighed; Nor knew itself more worth than they That fell in rank-blown pride.

- Edith M. Thomas, in Independent.

Railroad Classification Of Trees

The railroads have answered the Nurserymen's Association, that hereafter trees will be rated as third class, instead of as first class, as heretofore.


This beautiful genus of California bulbs was named in honor of James Carson Brevoort, of the city of Brooklyn, New York. He died on the 7th of December in his 70th year. He was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and a generous patron of literature, science and art. In addition to this he endeavored to make his knowledge practically useful to the community, and served in the Board of Education and on the Water Commission.

Oso Berry

This is said to be the common name in California of the Nuttallia cerasiformis. It is an early flowering shrub, of the Rosaceous order, and having very pretty white and early flowers.

Colorado Blue Spruce

As we feared, this name is already leading to trouble in English gardens.

The Engelmann spruce, and the Abies pungens are both blue, and have become so confounded in nurseries that, as the old play has it, it is hard to tell tother from which. Abies pungens is the original to which the term, Colorado Blue Spruce, was applied. But the Menzies spruce from the Pacific is quite as blue.

How To Remove Stains From The Hands

After gathering fruits or seeds, it is often difficult to get the stains from the fingers. It is said that to rub the flesh of a young pear will clean the fingers in less than no time.