The twelfth meeting of this body was held in Chicago on the 15th and 16th of June. Many of the older members were absent, but a large proportion of new ones swelled the attendance to probably 300. The Chicago newspapers took little note of the meeting, but the intercourse of the members individually proved valuable and instructive. Usually a large quantity of sales are made with each other, but buyers are reported " cautious " on this occasion; a fair but not over large quantity of stock was reported from most quarters. Watrous, Scott and Willard were the leading workers who did much for the success of the meeting. Watrous as President, and all the old officers were re-elected, and Detroit fixed on as the place for next meeting.

The readers of the papers, as is so often the case at these meetings, could scarcely be heard, and the fault, as is so often the excuse, placed on the "acoustic properties of the building." Albaugh who read Parson's paper on " Landscape Gardening," gave the listeners pleasure, as did also Douglass, who read his own paper on "Profitable Forestry," every word of which was clear and plain. The members regarded this essay as one of the best features of the proceedings.