Mr. W. C. Strong, Brighton, Mass., writes: "I send by this mail a sample apple which is said to have originated in Worcester County, Mass., and is called the " Barnes." It has just been exhibited at our Horticultural show and has attracted unusual attention on account of its beauty. The quality is also excellent, though I fear the specimen sent will not do justice to the variety in this respect. It has been kept in a steam-heated office for about a fortnight, and of course is not as juicy as it should be if kept in a cool place. With such treatment it has been kept in fine condition till March. Please examine and express your opinion. The owner of the tree claims that it is a regular bearer every season, but does not over-load - the fruit uniformly fair and not an out about it".

[A remarkably beautiful, red crimsoned striped apple - but, as Mr. S. suggests, not as good as it might be - not so much from lack of juice, as from sugar to qualify the acid. - Ed. G. M].