This disease has been more virulent in New Jersey than ever before - even the famous Concord, supposed to be proof against all kinds of Cryptogamic pests, succumbing to the enemy. Kinds of the Clinton class, usually useful only for wine-making purposes, and which seem to withstand the attacks of Phylloxera better than others, also withstand fungi better; and it is rumored that the great settlement of Vineland is seriously thinking of rooting out even Concord grapes, giving up the effort to raise table fruit, and go into wine-making like its rival city of Egg Harbor. Vineland was started as a model total abstinence town, and its laws are very strict against selling liquor within its limits. But there seems to be nothing in the city charter to prevent " fleecing the Egyptians," and, though not knowing the taste of liquor themselves, they can manufacture it and sell it to other places that have not yet forbidden its purchase and sale. By the time all the world has become prohibition and followed the example of Vineland, the city will become like unto Thebes or Palmyra, if it depends on Clinton grapes.