Callistephus hortensis, or China Aster, was introduced toward the end of the last century, and was raised in the Jardin des Plantes of Paris from seeds sent from China. Of annual duration, numerous varieties have resulted from its extensive cultivation. In the wild state the flowers are single - that is to say, only the outer florets are strap-shaped, and usually of a rosy-lilac tint, with yellowish disk-florets; but under cultivation the florets have become ligulate or quilled, and a richness and variety of colouring has been developed scarcely surpassed in any one species, ranging from pure white to deep carmine, and violet and blue, though the yellow of the disk in the single form has not been reproduced in the double. We are mainly indebted to the French horticulturists, notably Truffaut, Fontaine, and Vilmorin, for the great perfection to which the different races have been brought. It is worthy of remark that these varieties are so far fixed that they will come true from carefully selected and well ripened seed. - Gardeners' Chronicle.