It is interesting to note that there is a species of hemlock spruce in North Carolina, different from that which prevails through other portions of the East, though very closely resembling it. On the Pacific slope there is another hemlock spruce very much like the Eastern one, and in Japan another, - all nearly alike and yet different. They all make excellent timber trees. Of the Himalayan one, Abies or Tsuga Brunohiana, a correspondent of the Gardeners' Chronicle thus writes:

"On another occasion, in the Lachen valley of Sikkim, I measured a spruce that was 28 feet in girth and 120 feet in height. Nor were these very exceptional dimensions, though they greatly exceed what prevails in the Darjeeling district of Sikkam, for Mr. Gamble in his list of the trees, shrubs, and large climbers of that region, gives 60 to 80 feet as the average stature of this tree, and 10 to 15 feet as the average girth 4 feet from the ground.

"The Himalayan hemlock spruce does not extend westward beyond Kumaon, where, according to Madden, it attains a height of 70 to 80 feet, and yields an inferior timber; eastward it extends into Bhotan, where Griffith met with it at 6500 to 9000 feet above the level of the sea".