The Japan Hop - is a very fine, rapid-growing annual climbing plant, as hardy, healthy and vigorous in growth as the common Morning Glory. The leaves and vine resemble the common hop, but it differs in the leaves being quite regularly seven-lobed instead of three and five-lobed, as in the common species, and deeper cleft; and the leaves are rather smaller and not so thick. It is as easily raised from seeds as the Morning Glory, which may be sown in house or frames for early plants, or in the open ground in early spring. It seeds freely here, and the plants come in abundance from the self-sown seeds. I had a single plant last year, which was planted out quite late, so late that I did not think any seeds ripened, although it grew twelve or fifteen feet and flowered freely, but hundreds of the young plants came up early in spring where the old plant grew.

Pansy Park, Dwight, Mass.