You had a short article about the Rose, Nameless Beauty, or Namenlose Schone, in your magazine last year. Let us proceed to give our experience. To try the winter-blooming quality of this rose, we imported a number of plants, and planted 150 on a bench last fall, and we must say, were pleasantly surprised with the result. Only about three to five per cent. of all the shoots miss to produce buds; most of the plants had three to four buds and flowers at one time. The habit is dwarf and compact, foliage light green and luxuriant. Scent, very sweet; color, pure white, with very light flesh-colored tinge in center. With one word, this valuable Tea Rose blooms more freely than any other sort we know of, and we don't doubt that this rose will become popular as a forcing as well as a bedding rose. Louisville, Ky, [These specimens of Namenlose Schone, or Nameless Beauty, fully bear out the character given in Germany, and which led us to reproduce the engraving. On opening the box the fragrance of the pure white flowers at once filled the room, and the long stems of the clustered flowers bore out the account we have already given of them. -Ed. G. M].